Guiding Principles

Our Values - Balance Within

“We earn clients’ trust by providing guidance, not selling them.” -Private Wealth Advisor Matthew Daugherty, CFP®, CRPC™

It’s hard to find balance if your footing is unsteady. We don’t recommend anything to our clients that we don’t live by ourselves, and our core values define everything we do.

Always Do the
Right Thing

As a fiduciary, we take an ongoing comprehensive approach; our recommendations are non-proprietary, unbiased, and motivated purely by a desire to help you reach your goals and live a full, balanced life. We're more concerned with doing the right thing than being right. We share in your success and will do everything we can to help you get there.

Strive for Balance

We practice what we preach! We manage our own finances and personal and professional lives in the same ways we encourage clients to do so. 

Be Helpful

Your problems are our problems, and we work diligently to find solutions that fit your needs while advocating for you and your goals.

Be Generous

We believe in living generously through sharing knowledge, offering resources, and finding ways to enrich our community. When you have a need that falls outside of our expertise, we quarterback with other professionals to provide you with reliable financial planning services for every need. Consider us your virtual family office.

Empower Action

We’re here to help you create a plan and take action toward positive change and healthy, balanced habits. We take a proactive vs. reactive approach to help you create a plan that alleviates your worries about the future. Change isn’t always easy, but we strive to respectfully challenge and expand your mindset.

Have Fun & Enjoy Life

Life is meant to be lived freely and joyfully, and we value time to rest, be with family, travel, experience new things, and make memories.

Our Story - Balance from the Start

Balance is in our DNA. Matt’s grandfather became a financial advisor in 1950, the same year his son, Mike, was born, who would later follow in his steps. Mike joined the firm in 1978, the same year his son, Matt, was born. As Matt saw the transformative relationships his father and grandfather established with clients and the freedom their work afforded them in their finances and time, he knew he was exactly where he wanted to be. At 22 years old, he joined the family business.

Matt soon realized from his experiences that sound investing strategies are just one side of the financial freedom coin. Through his own experience of “lifestyle creep,” he realized that making more money couldn’t provide him with the life he wanted; increased income led to increased spending, and financial worries were just as present as ever. As he learned to practice wise financial habits to manage debt, budgeting, and saving, he finally found the balance and freedom that income alone couldn’t provide. He was hooked, and he started a team to focus on helping others achieve that same balance. The principles and lessons he learned along his journey remain foundational to the way we partner with our clients today.

Matt got started in the financial planning industry by cold-calling potential clients. Four of those clients happened to be high-level professionals with complex benefits. Up to the challenge, Matt researched and learned how to provide sound financial advice that would encapsulate their unique needs. He found the process deeply fulfilling and enjoyable, a passion shared by many members of the Balanced Wealth Group team. Those first four clients remain with us today. Through a personal understanding of the frustrations of lifestyle creep and workplace burnout, our team has created a system and program built around helping our clients pursue healthy lifestyles and balance work with rest.

Harold "Doc" Daugherty
Matt Daugherty

Our Services - Balance for Executives

A jack-of-all-trades is the master of none, which is why we believe in focusing on a specific group of financial planning needs shared by a narrow demographic. We work primarily with business professionals and executives because we understand the hard work and dedication it has taken for you to get here– and we understand that you want to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you take your foot off the gas. This narrow focus allows us to provide our clients with a unique level of expertise and understanding. With Balanced Wealth Group, you can be confident that your advisory team understands every nuance and implication of your wealth management strategy, from tax planning to benefit strategies to comparing employer stock options in a new job. 

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